AVNIR EMC offers you a diversity of technical profiles (doctors, project managers, experienced engineers and technicians)
and a high level of expertise in order to deliver:

• Technical and scientific assistance, 
• Risk analysis in ElectroMagnetic-EMC, 
• Reliability and compliance of equipments 
• Organisation and management of the EMC test campaigns. 

AVNIR EMC is involved in the development of the EMC community by attending to symposiums and standardization groups,
but also through partnerships with Scientific’s and industries’ laboratories. 

• Tests and supports for EMC compliance 
• Expertise : Research and Technology in ElectroMagnetic – EMC 
• Modelling and Numerical Simulation 
• System ElectroMagnetic Engineering in the aeronautical, defence and space field 

And ElectroMagnetic environments:
• EMC 
• Lightning 
• HIRF (High Intensity Radiated Fields) 
• UHF and SHF waves…

Fields of Activity & Standards:

Aeronautics Defence EC Marking
RTCA D0-160
Aircraft manufacturers specifications:
  • ABD - Airbus
  • SPX 902 - Eurocopter
  • D6 - Boeing
  • ASP 89 - Bombardier
  • Etc...
MIL STD 461/464 GAM EG 13 STANAG 370 AECTP 500 Standards covered:

Generic: EN61000-6-1/2/3/4

Product: EN55022/24 (ATI) / EN61131 / EN61326 / EN61000-1-2..

Test: CEI61000-4-2/3/4/5/6/8/11 / CISPR16/11/22 / EN55011/22

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