The modelling tools allow precise analysis of the physical phenomena involved when a system is subjected to an ElectroMagnetic threat. Thanks to the numerical results, protection means or a re-design can be proposed and tested, quickly and very early in the development cycle.

This expertise allows AVNIR EMC to propose studies using the modelling and numerical simulation on complex systems for the aerospace and defence industries.

Our knowledge in code and numerical methods enables us to develop dedicated analysis tools for the clients.

Our expertises:
• Numerical studies in major collaborative programs (like FUI, CORAC, CLEAN SKY...)
• Development of codes based on Maxwell equations
• Knowledge of simulation tools and advanced calculations for EMC
• Skills to develop the specific tools dedicated to client needs
• Great experience in the analysis of results leading to the proposal of adequate solutions
• Reactivity, adaptability to schedules and budgets of our clients confidential defence
• Certified ISO 9001
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