AVNIR EMC offers the integration of EMC skills in your project team, in collaboration with your experts to analyse and to identify the disturbance sources or the critical points of your products.

The Research and Technology is for AVNIR EMC a way to stay competitive in the aeronautics and defence EMC market; it completes also the company trades. Complementary to our expertise in EMC testing level, R&T helps to promote the upstream work, to conduct predictive studies and to optimize your designs etc...

Our expertises:
• Analysis of general requirements,
• Upstream identification of EMC risks,
• Redaction of test plans propositions,
• Analysis and resolution of problems discovered after tests,
• Analysis of problems in prototyping phase or qualification phase.

AVNIR EMC can fulfil all your needs of expertise, studies, numerical simulations, analysis and EMC tests for aerospace and defence.
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