AVNIR EMC offers you a diversity of technical profiles (doctors, project managers, experienced engineers and technicians) and flexibility to deliver solutions with full technical adequacy, on time and on budget. We also offer the possibility to perform limit test with on your products in order to know the EMC margin (threshold search). 

Choosing AVNIR EMC is the guarantee to have reliable equipment or to benefit from the help of our experts to obtain this reliability.

Avnir EMC is involved in all the stages from writing the test specifications, to the organisation, monitoring and finally qualification of your products. 


Our engineers and technicians support you in the definition of your needs: 
• Writing of test procedures, 
• Analysis of standards perimeter, 
• Organization and follow-up of the tests in qualified labs COFRAC 
• Realization of the EMC tests. 

A partnership agreement signed with the Esynov platform of the Grenoble Institute of Technology - ESISAR provides access to high quality test facilities.

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